You can make a one-on-one appointment with an experienced grant writer to get personalized advice and assistance on your current grant application, program planning questions, and more. We are here to help you with whatever questions you bring!

Reach Us By Phone

Call Gary Bess Associates, the project’s grants technical assistance provider, at (530) 877-3426.

We will work with you to schedule time for a video call or phone call. We will also ask you about the topics you are seeking assistance with.

Read more about how to work with a grants consultant below.


What to Expect in a One-on-One Appointment

  1. Contact us to request an appointment. Tell us some times that would work for you, and let us know if you have any critical deadlines!
  2. Tell us what you’re working on or what you need help with—knowing your question and needs helps us pair you with the right grantwriting professional.
  3. Get put in touch with a consultant. Schedule a Zoom or telephone appointment for up to 1 hour, and meet with your consultant.
  4. Take a survey afterward. We will send you a survey by email – we want to know if you got the help you needed.


How Do I Work with My Consultant?

These appointments are designed for flexibility; and our consultants are ready to meet you where you are in your grantwriting process. Here are some ideas about how you might work with your consultant:

  • Review a full draft or sections of proposal – share your working draft over email, and look at it together on the Zoom call, discussing how to strengthen it and/or identifying any unmet requirements to be addressed
  • Receive help with a budget – share your in-progress budget and talk with your consultant about if it matches your proposed project’s needs
  • Identify and assess a specific grant opportunity – examine a funding notice together with your consultant, and consider whether this project is the right fit for your organization
  • Design goals and outcomes – some proposals require detailed goals and outcomes to show what you plan to achieve. Your consultant can help you strategically design your grant to attain the desired outcomes
  • Explore evaluation and sustainability planning – work with a consultant to thoughtfully plan how your project can show its successes, and how gains will be sustained after the funding period is over
  • Ask a general question – our grant writing professionals are experienced in offering help and insight in many areas of program and organizational planning, because grant funding impacts your whole organization! You can ask questions that are bigger than a specific funding opportunity